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For Business Process & Document Management

Our software products mainly cater to realms like Document and Enterprise Content Management, Business Process Management, Image Processing Applications and Maintenance & Service Management. Our high-end products can be characterized as user friendly, effective and affordable.

A few USPs of Our Software Products


No Perpetual Licensing

A one-time investment!
Unlike most software, we offer more value for money with a one-time licensing investment while installation. You need not renew your license every year.

Free Database Framework

No need of third party licensing, as the database container is provided as a part of the package.

Hybrid and Dual Licensing Framework

i-doc software is licensed for both named-user licenses (NUL) and concurrent access licenses (CAL). While named-user licenses are appropriate for users who are active in the system throughout most of the day, the concurrent access license provides an economical way to support casual system users.

Default Support for Multi - Platform

The software comes by default with LAN, WAN and cloud compatibility under a single licensing.Similarly, it supports multi-operating system and multi-browser.

Feature Upgradation with Add - Ons and Plugins

No need to invest for a whole new our software version to avail extra features. Just upgrade the software with the desired feature by adding the desired plugins.

Flexible Purchase Customization

Our software offers a vast flexibility for purchase customization, where you can opt out unnecessary features, while add the required one from a vast range of selections in the form of plugins – just like your favorite pizza toppings.

Long Term Support

LTS includes constant upgradation and support apart from on-site, off-site and telephonic support from time to time and strict adherence to SLA (service level agreement terms). Annual maintenance, courtesy maintenance, deployment migration, license expansion are also part of LTS.

24x7 Online Support

Apart from telephonic coordination, we also offer an online portal namely s.m.a.r.t Portal for complaint logging and viewing service history. With this cloud based portal, you get flexibility of usage irrespective of time, platform or the device you are using.

Customization as a Service

Not only customization of purchase, but also customization of service may be availed where we offer the flexibility to combine the software and related services according to your needs.

Platform as a Service

You can avail our software as a service instead of that as a product and outsource its functioning and maintenance on a cloud based platform instead of on-premise deployment. This can be exceptionally beneficial for organizations with poor IT infrastructure or those, who are unwilling to waste resources on software maintenance.

i-DNA certification

Features under i-DNA certification permits usage of the software from
Multi-location: Even outside the organization’s campus
Multi-device: smartphones and tablets
Multi-browser: Firefox, Chrome, IE
Multi-platform: Linux, Windows, MAC, Android