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Form Processing

Image Processing With OMR & ICR Technology

When a document, consisting of multiple component such as image, signature, address, finger prints etc are scanned, the scanner captures the entire output as a single image. Each components are not identified as separate components and neither stored separately. It therefore requires a dedicated image processing software to extract information from scanned images or identify each component as a separate entity and save them is separate folders for further reference.

Three main image processing software


Software is a desktop form processing application that facilitates smooth processing of millions of OMR sheets a few hours, generating accurate results and enabling web publications.[Read More]


Image processing application are very rare in the market and those that exist mainly serve aesthetic purposes. Our image processing software, Intellisplit aims to process customer application form (CAF).[Read More]


This bar code reader application can accurately read one or two dimensional bar codes, auto-crops these barcode images, and saves them in the desired destination folder and database.[Read More]