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Process Content & Collaboration Management

Manage All Processes From One Window

ECM and BPM are converging into a market we refer to as PCCM (Process, Content and Collaboration Management). Typically every single piece of business content is tied to a business process and vice versa, an integrated content management solution built around a dynamic business process management solution can deliver great value to both enterprise and government. Our modern and open approach to these solutions had always recognized this critical interdependency. PCCM will be a ‘disruptive technology’ and will quickly start gulping the share of both DMS and ERP markets.

Our innovative solutions are ready to prove how we can help our customers to run their businesses better through process improvements, enhanced collaboration with easier ways to synergise content, process and people. Somnetics’ evolving business strategy is set up to do just that.

This integration raises the bar across the industry and demonstrates Somnetics’ commitment to providing a better alternative to legacy approaches to how content and processes need to be managed in today’s business environment.

Benefits of Somnetics PCCM

  • Process and Content collaboration across geographically located teams and multiple hierarchies.
  • Process centric digital content management gives 360 degree view of information flow.
  • Dynamic Process Manager creates workflows, simulates and executes from the same module.
  • Easily allows users to see the process to content linkage and vice-verse.
  • Cognitive or AI processing of image and linking them with business rules. example: A customer application form is automatically sorted and routed on the basis of age and gender which is be cognitively read by facial recognition software which can be a built in property of the application.
  • Connecting the entire system with sensory data, (IoT/ IIoT).
  • Seamless connectivity through openAPI to existing ERP, CRM, HRMS or business applications.
  • Auto invoked tasks and SLA mapping fulfills compliance and audit requirements.